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With the real estate management service team of SEP Estates, maximizing your property's worth isn't a tough call anymore. The approach adopted by our private company is exclusive. Our company centers on the development, investment and management of real estate, which may include different types of properties.

There are fine elements that need to be focused upon when managing property in order to maximize its asset value. These elements have been recognized by our talented and experienced professionals. There are several factors that are taken care of by our experts so that the asset value can be increased over a time span by improving the reputation of the building in the market and by making operational cost-cuttings. Some factors that our experts take into account include:

  • Loyalty of tenant
  • Tenant and managers relationship, regular contact
  • Top service requests of tenants
  • Fresh opportunities for tenant collaboration for mutual benefit

Real estate management services provided by our SEP Estates team:

In Asset management -

  • Calculated advice and analyzing the performance
  • Support for lease which includes lease renewals and leasing unoccupied spaces
  • Support with Investment issues

In Property management -

  • Maintaining and operating building
  • Managing facilities
  • Managing energy
  • Carrying out all the accounts of property and reporting it
  • Managing lease
  • Reviewing the building design
  • Collecting all the revenues

At SEP Estates, we are 100% dedicated to serve you with the best real estate management service.

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