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Distinguished for quality, attention to detail, and timely execution, SEP Estates has executed a large number of renovation, conversion and management work.

Sooner or later, even the top quality buildings reach middle-age. As buildings get older, the most challenging factor faced is their proper renovation, conversion and management. Our professionals are experts in handling such matters. We believe that, to give buildings a new character and future life extension it isn't necessary to pull them down and build new ones in its place. On the contrary, we believe in figuring out the buildings existing merits and transforming what was already good into something great and much better. We have highly skilled and experienced designers who pay special attention to every detail.

Our services include:

  • Examination of various conversion options
  • Detailed and Conceptual design
  • Investigation of construction costs
  • Recommendation on refurbishment and energy efficiency
  • Excellent delivery of the renovation, conversion and management

By hiring our real estate service, you can attain:

  • Huge cost-effectiveness
  • Long lasting value retention
  • Optimization of operating costs and investment
  • Cost lucidity

At SEP Estates, we offer our customers with a practical approach to property renovation, conversion and management equipped with an exceptional team. Our projects are focused on building quality life and comfortable living while also providing a contemporary design. This allows us to bring a positive change in the lives of our clients and partners.

Some of our latest projects:

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